A Programmed Course in Direct Selling
You can START your own business today 

Why Direct Selling?

+ Proven Business Model

+ No Experience Necessary

+ Requires Little Capital

+ Start Part Time from Home


Learning the Direct Selling Business can be YOUR FIRST BIG STEP toward independence and financial success


The original version of this programmed course was presented by my grandfather in the form of “Key Letters of Mail Order” - a series of ten confidential letters packed with vital information for the Direct Selling beginner

About Our Programmed Course  

The response to these letters was overwhelming!  Testomonials and letter of praise poured in from all over the country!  Evidently this was exactly the kind of guidance beginners were seeking.  Not a standard text filled with pages of theory, but down to earth facts based on actual experience!  Here was a blueprint to help the novice overcome the most diffacult part of all - getting started...the rigth way..the proven way!  

About Direct Selling Associates

Direct Sell Associates is the name to know for professional home business training. We have been helping people achieve their financial goals for more than 40 years and as the third generation to share our family trade secrets, we can help you achieve a level of success, personal satisfaction, independence, and affluence that was once thought unattainable. After choosing this program, our owner found that he made his money back without experience or capital and you can do the same.

These Direct Selling Principles and Techniques still hold true today! 

The same principals that worked in the 60's, 70's 80's and 90's hold true today.  In fact, with the rise of the internet the direct selling landscape has expanded and you can take advantage of many profitable opportunities. Our completely updated programmed course provides all the necessary ‘traditional' and ‘electronic' information and trade secrets required to show you how to succeed.

This Course Has Generated Millions Upon Millions of Dollars

Since the original printing, these letters have been rewritten and expanded to include the latest up to date information. All of this information has been “programmed” into a condensed, yet comprehensive course - in the form of questions and answers. The questions were selected from thousands of inquiries from advertising beginners.  The answers are based on over 60 years and three generations of actual experience by a group of the most successful direct selling advertisers and marketers in the business.

Thousands of Beginner Success Stories
We helped one novice prepare his first ad and suggested that he test it in October. Within three weeks after the magazine hit the newsstands, we knew he had a "winner." Checking the initial response, we were able to predict the total orders and cash profit he could expect in the following six months! We asked him how many orders he could handle each season. Based on his estimate, we told him which magazines to use and when to run his ads, in order to get that many orders.

We never missed our prediction by more than plus or minus 10%!  And this time honored strategy has proven itself to be true thousands of times over the past 50 yrs.  We have seen thousands of others who have "worked our programmed course" be able to predict success time and time again with this same level of accuracy over the past 50 years ...during war and peace, during good times and bad.....