A Programmed Course in Direct Selling
You can START your own business today 

Why Direct Selling?

+ Proven Business Model

+ No Experience Necessary

+ Requires Little Capital

+ Start Part Time from Home


Learning the Direct Selling Business can be YOUR FIRST BIG STEP toward independence and financial success


Our Direct Selling programmed course is not a standard text filled with pages of theory, but rather down-to-earth facts based on field experience. We provide you with a blueprint to help overcome the most difficult part of opening your business-getting started. Our proven direct selling program will teach you the insider techniques needed to create expert classified ads, displayads, and direct marketing advertising.

All the "INSIDER TRADE SECRETS" in an easy to understand program 

Our Programmed Course in Direct Selling provides you with all the information you need to climb the ladder to success. The entire direct selling industry is at your fingertips, the key is knowing where to find the answers. Rely on the staff at Direct Selling Associates to provide you with top-quality home business training. We offer a comprehensive programmed course in direct selling strategies as well as membership privileges including personal member advisors, industry insider's newsletters, ongoing training, and online directories we will help you take control of your life and fortune. Contact us to learn about direct selling.

The knowledge this programmed course provides is the foundation many beginners have used to become successful business owners.  These beginners, who diligently "worked the programmed course" were able to capitalize on the trends around them and turn them into very large profits. 

How We Can Help 

We offer you the opportunity to learn how you can make a substantial income with a lifetime of enjoyment. Our staff is dedicated to helping those who are sick of living from paycheck to paycheck while their friends and relatives are living well. If you are unsatisfied with your current income, we can help you make big money through direct selling. We welcome you to consider our easy and fast programmed course. With more than 40 successful years in business, we can help you reach your financial goals.