A Programmed Course in Direct Selling
You can START your own business today 

Why Direct Selling?

+ Proven Business Model

+ No Experience Necessary

+ Requires Little Capital

+ Start Part Time from Home


Learning the Direct Selling Business can be YOUR FIRST BIG STEP toward independence and financial success


Programmed Course in Direct Selling  presented by Direct Selling Associates

Our Offer - Programmed Course in Direct Selling 

Direct Selling Programmed Course - Standard Edition

* Direct Selling Business Operations Manual

* Expert support services from leading industry executives

* Insider Trade Secrets Newsletter

* Cost: $199.99

Direct Selling Programmed Course - Charter Membership

* Charter Membership: $59.00/month

* LIVE real time access to direct selling business consultants

* Access to wholesale product database (great products, great selection and great prices)

* Advertising and Marketing Portal (all you tools you need to sell and track your products)

Our Experience

Direct Sell Associates is the name to know for professional home business training. We have been helping people achieve their financial goals for more than 40 years and as the third generation to share our family trade secrets, we can help you achieve a level of success, personal satisfaction, independence, and affluence that was once thought unattainable. After choosing this program, our owner found that he made his money back without experience or capital and you can do the same.

More Beginner Success Stories

Here are a couple of examples of beginner success stories:

  • John Sicher got started by selling calculators and watches. His first ad, run in 30 publications, brought in 30,000 orders—OVER $600,000 IN CASH!
  • Another beginner, Tom Kinkaid, sold live seahorses through small ads. He made more than $85,000 in his first year.
These examples may seem unlikely, but in fact we we have 100's more. John Sicher, and thousadns of others have achieved a fortune is Direct Selling by following the three proven direct selling steps idrntified above

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